Course Themes

Course Themes
A Retrospective of Ideas to Consider
U87 – 435

1. Choice.  You choose your attitude – and you can choose to be positive

2. Perspective (remember Viktor Frankl.  And you think YOU have problems?)

3. Stay focused

4. Response Ability and Accountability (to yourself as well as others)

5. Empathy and Active Listening – keys to interpersonal effectiveness

6. DO IT!  (Don’t just hope/wish/want it to happen)

7. Let go (of the past; and/or negativity toward others)

8. Empowerment: You are in charge and control of you (but no excuses)

9. Create yourself (as well as discover yourself)

10.   Be Proactive – and have a sense of purpose

11.   Patience and Persistence – important to a successful life

12.   Be emotionally intelligent

13.   “You don’t find time; you make time.” –  G. Detrick

14.   Motivation is from within

15.   Take/make time, on occasion, to be reflective and introspective

16.   “I am not what happens to me.  I am what I choose to become.”

May peace be with you.

Glenn Detrick