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Educational Catalyst, Writer, Traveler…

Over the years I have had three passions in my life: Education, Travel and my Kids. Raised in Michigan and a graduate with two degrees from Michigan State University, I took my first airplane trip as a college sophomore, 18 years old, to the 1966 Rose Bowl game. Eighteen months later as a 20 year old between my junior and senior years of college I spent 12 weeks with three friends traveling 10,000 miles around Western Europe, camping out and living the cheap life of a poor college student. Along the way, I did the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain, and attended the iconic Woodstock Festival in upstate New York. The college years were formative for me and my first job out of college was as a travel director for a major incentive travel company. In three years with this job I saw many parts of the world on someone else’s nickel and I retired at age 25 to see if I was (or might be) a writer. My book, What Time Does the 2 o’clock Bus Leave? never quite came to fruition and I had to get a real job, which I did at Washington University in St. Louis.

After 16 very interesting and developmental years as Associate Dean of the Olin School of Business at WU I left and ultimately co-founded a company, Educational Benchmarking, Inc. with my good friend Joe Pica. Joe was (is) very smart and we worked well together as a team. After eight years EBI was a success and I was able to retire at age 55. Since then I have read a great deal, traveled extensively, taught a few university courses, gotten interested in helping the people of third world countries. Sections of this website relate to my interests. If you find anything of value here, by all means use it. The Book Notes and Travel sections are intended to be catalytic for anyone with an interest in reading and the world. Enjoy. If you have questions or comments, please let me know: