The Chelsea Centers

The Chelsea Center

at Webster Groves High School

All children learn from and through their experiences, but rarely do they receive guidance from adults to maximize the impact and potential value of these experiences. The Chelsea Center – unique in a high school setting – sets up experiential opportunities for students (volunteer projects, internships, travel, etc.) and provides a systematic three-step process – before, during and after – to help students effectively consider what they are getting into, what is going on around them as they are involved in the experience, and how they evaluate and reflect upon it when they are done. We are looking, over time, to also work with teachers, parents and community members to enhance experiential learning throughout Webster Groves.

You can learn more at the Chelsea Center’s website

The Chelsea Center

at Nepal Orphans Home

Nepal Orphans Home, in Kathmandu, Nepal, takes care of 140 wonderful children, most of whom have been rescued from slavery in this impoverished Third World Country. NOH is doing a tremendous job of providing a home, education, medical care and love to kids who otherwise would have no shot at a real life. The Chelsea Center at NOH houses vocational and technical education classes for older students and provides scholarship assistance to those students who academically qualify for college.

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