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I am a former educator and small business co-founder/co-owner who retired at the beginning of 2003. I like to travel and have been to 90 countries on all seven continents. If you are a traveler or would like to travel, you may be interested in reading about or seeing pictures in the TRAVEL section of this website.

You are welcome to check out the BIO and other sections of this website to see if there are areas of mutual interest. The BOOK NOTES are kind of interesting, if you’re into the topics/books I have “reviewed.” The EDUCATION section is a potpourri, which includes information about university courses that I teach or have taught and rants in the area of education reform. The CHELSEA DETRICK section talks about one of my daughters. The other sections on this Home Page relate to my current passions. Thanks for visiting.

This is a video on Youtube that reviewers of this website may find of interest

Remarks in May 2018 to the St. Louis chapter of the Travelers Century Club. The topic is “How to Make Traveling an Experiential Learning Opportunity”. All of the people present at the meeting had been to at least 100 countries.


The Chelsea Centers

The Chelsea Center – At Webster Groves High School

The mission of the Chelsea Detrick Experiential Learning Center is to enhance the self-discovery process and the personal, interpersonal, social and emotional development of students, teachers and staff at Webster Groves High School, throughout the Webster Groves School District and in the Webster Groves community by focusing on experiential learning. You can find more information at their website.

The Chelsea Center – At Nepal Orphans Home in Kathmandu

The Chelsea Education Center is both a physical structure focusing on vocational training and a broader concept to support the overall growth, development and education of all children being helped by Nepal Orphans Home.

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